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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Wednesday, May 10 2017, 15:07:29 (UTC)
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"...bunch of of them said "we WILL have our country"...yeah, right....just keep whining and someone will give you a country."

-- My Jewish professor who taught history had his classes cut by an Assyrian who was the head of the department, a woman named Rose; because, he was against the Iraq war, and held debates (in the same space where Pancho and Kelly Ross debated), so very, very much to the chagrin of Rose, who boo hooed and cried to get him kicked out of the History Dept., knowing how much he loved teaching history. The same happened to him when he was teaching Philosophy: Kelly Ross couldn't handle a "loud mouth Jew" in his pussy-ass Philosophy Dept.

And whatever happened to Dwekh Nawsha, the "supreme" Assyrian fighting force, whose uniforms where too tight for their shurva-eating asses? Did they WILL the Assyrian national cause?


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