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Posted by Jeff (Guest) - Wednesday, May 10 2017, 4:44:49 (UTC)
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I banned myself from Facebook a while ago and never looked back! Good work fighting our "heroes".

pancho wrote:
>...the Armenians and others have very cleverly aligned themselves with the Nazi genocide and Holocaust so that if you "deny" the Armenian or Assyrian claim to also being victims of genocide, it can look like you're denying there was a Nazi Genocide too...which, of course I'm not.
>...the thing Jewish scholars complain of is that by attaching the word "genocide" to whatever you want, dilutes the unprecedented, industrial, horror of the Holocaust and they're right, and that also might be part of the "benefit" of connecting them all.....
>...if some hysterical Assyrian calls Facebook and says..."He is denying the GENOCIDE"....they react. I say those who dilute the meaning of the word are the ones diluting the unique significance of the Holocaust...THEY are denying the extreme horror of what Christians did by coupling it with Turks, Arabs, Qurds and anyone else you don't like.


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