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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, July 8 2013, 21:15:19 (UTC)
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Taoro wrote:
>Dumbass i am not debating that law can be used im telling you it dosent have anything to do with this case, and you bringing the law up just makes you look dumb.

...doesn't even know what HE is saying...he came on here crying that the Turks took a flea-bitten monastery away from its supposed owners. To his small mind this was EVIDENCE of persecution and just plain nastiness of the believe his own tale he would have to think that only Turks and Arabs, the usual suspects, do these kinds of things and look how bad they are etc., once again we try to educate this fellow a I bring him a common law, common to all countries, which shows that all governments are empowered to take private land for the public's use, or good and that law is called the right to "Eminent Domain", meaning no matter when you bought the land, the government has an over riding interest in maintaining the PUBLIC good and not YOUR private wishes....a normal person would then realize that there was no cause for alarm in what the Turks did in this case..that it is standard operating procedure for all governments.

..I knew a fellow years back who painstakingly grew an avocado orchard in California, before avocados became popular...he developed it for years and the first year he was ready to harvest a crop, the State told him they needed his land for a freeway...he fought, he cried, and even though they offered to pay him, it was only for the value of the land AS land...all his years of work and expense in developing the trees plus future profits for decades to come plus leaving it to his children and their children, counted for nothing...he was furious, he wept, I'm sure he even felt "persecuted"...but he wasn't.

...a normal adult would weigh this information against his hysteria and, hopefully, grow up a little...but that's not our Taco...he did the usual, got cute again.....


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