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Re: how would YOU suggest making 60 million in 24 hours?
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Thursday, March 24 2011, 21:43:41 (UTC)
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I think only Americans or these idiots who call others "fools" are the ones who have a hard time believing their govt wouldn't do that to make money. Why it's hard to believe is beyond me. Look at the whole women rights movement which was just a scam to make money. They still believe their govt went to war in Afghanistan to free women when it was about money. There was a time when women couldn't work in the US and it change because they cared for women. It was about money. If women didn't work, it would mean less taxes for the govt. If women couldn't go to college or University, it would mean less money and loans. These people are capitalistic and not about helping people. It's not that they care about the women in the Muslim world but this is just an excuse.

Isn't it hypocritical when these western feminist groups raise hell about women in some Muslim country yet are silent like a church mice when these same women are not allowed to dress in an Islamic way? They raise hell that women are forced to dress with scarfs, but say nothing about the many more women who love their hijab but are prevented and discriminated against. Look at Turkey for example and how it's harder to be Muslim there than it is to be Christian. The fucking Christians still insist that Turkey gives no rights to Christians but they don't even realize women are thrown in jail and prevented from going to University or getting a good job if they don't dress like a Western woman.

They are not even consistent in their argument and that's why this whole women rights is bullshit. We hear all kinds of outrage that one Muslim country doesn't allow women to drive cars(Saudi Arabia) but nothing is said about a woman being punished for wanting to be Muslim. They have this idea and misconception that all these Muslim women are forced to cover up and they wouldn't do it if they were free. That is ignorance and White people are just prejudice toward a culture that is not theirs. Plus, it goes back to money and the capitalists lose billions by women dressing in hijabs and not buying their products. We have these white women on US Tv with shows teaching other women how to look "sexy" and Muslim women are a problem for that. There are over 1,5 billion Muslims and majority are women. That is a huge chunk of people whom they won't make money off. This is what it's all about in end.

It isn't that women aren't free in Islam but it's about money and more money. Money is a religion for the capitalists and they will make it in anyway. Let's face it, selling shawarma will not make me as much profits as selling weapons, pimping women, selling drugs or being in the oil business. So it's logic that they would create wars to make profits, they will kill a few or more of their own to make money. We throw people out of their house for being late on rent or not having the money, we take away cars because they can't make a payment, we do all kinds of shit and kill people every day with money yet its' still unbelievable and "crazy" for us to suggest that? The ones who call us fools are teh crazy ones and that's why they have their own TV shows. American tv is just as crazy and silly as their country and people. Thsi is capitalism and they will pimp their wives, daughters, sisters, etc for money. There is no dignity in this nor is there a limit in this.

It isn't Islam or anything and Islam doesn't prevent women from education, work etc anyways. It's just that a woman doesn't have to go slave herself just to make a few dollars an hour to feed the family. Muslims respect women more and honor them. that is why a rapist is killed in Muslim countries. This may sound harsh but it's a reality and it's the woman that has to live with that for the rest of her life. America which is among the leaders in domestic violence, their crisis shelters are full of women and I see more and more homeless women everyday asking for 50 cents and they are worried about Muslim women? Sure, a woman can't walk around nude in Saudi Arabia but you won't find one who lives under bridges or pushes a shopping cart full of empty soda cans. You won't find a woman living on the streets because she doesn't have rent money. Is this the success and freedom that you white people preach about? Fuck you and your freedom in that case. I take Islam any day over that.

There is a difference between what some asshole Muslim does to a woman and what Islam does. Muhammad improved the condition of women in his days and made it better than they ever were before and for a very long time afterward. Women went to Universities in those days and were active members in society. Hell, Aisha, who White people are so concerned about for marrying an older Muhammad, was a Hadith scholar and she is regarded among the best to this day. The only reason women in the west are allowed to work and go to college today is because capitalism and more profits for the greedy. They abuse women yet want to free them. What a fucking hypocrisy but nothing shocks me when it comes to Christians and Western peoples. They went to war in Iraq to bring democracy and killed millions in the process but that's okay because the same Christians came from Spain and killed millions of Natives, raped their women, and today they saved them by bringing Jesus to them.


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