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Re: human unity under Islam is Chaos and DEVASTATION !
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, November 26 2007, 1:31:46 (CET)
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JUMBLAT wrote:
>Your ISLAM didn't do except DEVASTATION and CHAOS in the countries of the Middle East.

..clearly that isn't might look at Africa, Asia, Latin America and see what devastation means...brought by Christians.
>Those advanced schools and centers of learning were established by Christians in Mesopotamia and Egypt, and when the Christians disappeared to be assimilated in your ISLAM everything disappeared even the agriculture land was transformed to desert.

...also not true...No one but you doubts the golden age of Islamic culture which led directly to any cutlture in Europe....Arab blood mixed with Spanish for 700 years after which the Spaniards took that influence, including Mesopotamian, to the New World. The world owes a great debt to Islam and Arabs as well...

>Your Arab Muslim Caliph use to travel from Baghdad to Reqqa in nowadays Syria that he couldn't see the sun because of trees and greenery, NOWADAYS IS DESERT because of the ARAB MUSLIM camels and livestock, furthermore ANY PLACE THESE PEOPLE PUT A FOOT THAT COUNTRY is considered a third world country.

..calm down...the rain forrest in South America, one of the last, irreplaceable bio-treasures on this frail planet is being depleted by Christians...the growing hole in the ozone layer is brought to us by the advanced, so-called, Christian nations...and global warming, which is fed by the petroleum the West is stealing from Iraq...threatens far more serious and permanent harm than what Muslims might have done some centuries seem to walk backwards through life.
>That is one reason made you to land here in the WEST and AMERICA , I am sure if those lands were advanced you were going be there, BUT YOUR PRESENT in the WEST and AMERICA is the best testimony that ISLAM is rubbish and not pleasant place to live .

...America can make anywhere else unpleasant to live..not because it is superior but because it destroys and devastates whole economies and people too...especially the poor...

..for hundreds of years our people were content and prefered to live in their own countries...even when they could have left, they didn't. It's now because of this Christian Crusade that our people are being uprooted...they lived just fine under Saddam.

...but you're forgetting were given an asignment...a simple one really and one you should have enjoyed doing...if Islam is as bad as all that, tell us where and when Islam killed our people JUST for their religion or "assyrian" identity...considering all the murder Christianity has brought to those countries I'd say Muslims have been way too tolerant and forgiving...

..tell us...


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