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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, December 5 2010, 12:49:26 (UTC)
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It was Christians who started this myth that Jews run the world and naive people bought into it. They created this stereotype about Jewish people and I had fallen for this for a while until I watched a few documentaries. The myth has always been that Jews are the bankers but what is not told is that the majority of the world bankers are Christians and it be logic since Jews are a minority. The same is true of American politicians and the majority are not Jewish but Christians. They have us believe that Israel controls America but in reality it is Christians who support and fund Israel for their own agenda. They have us believing they love Jews but in reality they only love the fact that Muslims and Jews are at it now while the Christian can sit from behind and celebrate while funding one over the other. These pastors manipulate and cheat their own "flock" into believing that Israel of today is biblical, necessary and has to be supported. I remember many years ago arguing with a born again pro-Israel Christian and I criticized how the U.S supports Israel and he said that it was a good thing and America is blessed by doing so since Jews are god's people.

Of course the same Christians persecuted and mass murdered Jews for almost 2,000 years and not to mention how almost every Christian country(in Europe) had kicked them out or they were prohibited from entering for many centuries. Now they want to pose as lovers and be in bed with Jews when in reality they hate them with a passion. I am not harsh nor bigoted when I say there is a mental problem with these Christians because they support Israel and want all Jews to migrate to this land and then they tell us what their Jesus is supposed to do with them when he returns(been 2,000 years and they still looking at the clouds while the motherfucker is nowhere to be seen. Are these people seriously not nuts and and need help? Would you like to hear something else that is astonishing? You may already know this, but the first slave ship to America was called "the good ship Jesus" and Christians always tell us how everyone a fake Christian. There must not be many good or real Christians since most are "fake" and they have also been unable to follow their Jesus aka "prince of peace".

They always talk about Muhammad being evil and violent while Jesus taught peace, love and forgiveness but it seems like xtians have been unable to follow their own religion while Muslims have been better as followers of this Jesus who supposedly preached "peace".


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