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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, December 1 2011, 9:59:36 (UTC)
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As a kid, I recall going to the Catholic Church, since my grandmother was Catholic, and lighting candles for Mat-Maryam. We had crucifixes on every single wall of our apartment, it was insane! My brother's Muslim friend used to jokingly ask if we're afraid of vampires. My grandmother brainwashed us... she claimed her prayers to Holy Mary saved her life in Turkey when most of her friends and family were killed. She had a Mat-Maryam shaped bottle of holy water which she kept as long as I remember. When I was twelve, I punched the edge of a steel door while shadowboxing with my eyes shut. My entire hand was covered in red. I was so religious that the first thing I did was to pour the old, dirty holy water on my wound. All I remember is my hand ballooning and the doctors laughing in the ER. That was my the last time I believed in anything holy.


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