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Re: in which my cousin goes to jail.....
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Monday, May 1 2017, 22:03:44 (UTC)
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I'm sorry for his family, but it seems like he was really pushing the envelope, no? Although, if he himself, as the article points out, was traumatized by early events in his life (like his uncle getting killed by the Ba'ath, etc.), then it's understandable why he'd try to help others leave Iraq. It doesn't seem like he did it for the money. It's more likely someone ratted him out. And the Muslim blaming doesn't help, either. Thanks to Bush's lies and war, all Iraqi lives are, and have been, in danger.

Regarding us being Assyrians... some Iranian Jews consider me as Arab; and some Iranian Muslims, say I'm Jewish... not Assyrian. Glad I don't give a shit about these things.


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