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Re: in which my cousin goes to jail.....
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Tuesday, May 2 2017, 23:14:09 (UTC)
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I was kind of raised that way as well. My father always said assyrians are trouble makers and gossip and wreck your home. If a city has too many assyrians, it becomes drama. I grew up in big Berlin where the population was scattered all over the city and you would occasionally run into one on the subways or they were Suryoyo and we didn't have much contact with them. I enjoyed not growing up with them and my father never allowed anyone to come see us and didn't even like my mother going to visit them. So we mostly stuck with my aunt and my cousins.

Whenever I visit relatives now, I'm always warned not to tell them anything because they report people. I once worked for a relative getting paid under the table and I would have Assyrian taxi drivers stop by and be trying to interrogate me about how much I'm paid and if it's legal etc. These people screw each other but cry about Muslims m


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