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Re: in which my cousin goes to jail.....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, May 2 2017, 20:40:00 (UTC)
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Rashad wrote:
>I knew a lawyer in this field when I lived in Germany, and the refugees would try to get him to exaggerate, lie etc but he always refused to do it which was wise on his behalf. I'm fact, his clients would call him an asshole and say he wasn't helpful because he refused to do such things. They try same thing with translators and forget that they can't risk their careers and integrity over few dollars and to help scandalous people.'s entirely possible that just some such disgruntled client, who thought Robert should have bent and broken the law just a bit more, turned him in when he refused...that's so like us...we cut off our big noses to spite our hairy faces.

..I think I've mentioned many times my grandfather's experience with Assyrians...when his young family escaped to Iraq from Urmia in 1915 and were housed in the camp at Baaquba he was the doctor for all the Assyrians there...the government then asked him to work at the hospital in Mosul where many Muslims became his patients and friends....after saving up money he opened his own clinic with a plan to open a small hospital for the Assyrians who felt more comfortable with one of their own looking up their womenfolk's good old envy, a group of Assyrians complained to the Health Department that my grandfather was not really a doctor, had only attended a year and had no diploma....called on the carpet my grandfather, Dr. Baba Parhad, admitted he had no diploma but had completed his degree but due to the speed with which they had to flee had managed to take nothing, just clothes and addition the hospital had been destroyed in the war and all records lost. The Director, already resentful because my grandfather had become too popular with the Muslim patients, was glad for an excuse to get rid of this Christian.

So, the Assyrians gained their usual "victory"...they cut a "haughty" Assyrian who thought he was "better than us", down to size...fortunately my own father was a doctor in the Iraqi army at the time and could support the family while my grandfather, at his age, went to Geneva and earned another medical degree...but died a few years later on a hot train going to see a patient.

The only happy part of this tale is that Assyrian women had to spread their legs for Muslim doctors for years after, good going you "prowd" Assyrians.

Another result was that my father had a creed..."If you wish to live a happy life never allow an Assyrian into your home"...and he kept to it even when Assyrians came to Kuwait seeking his help with jobs...he helped them all but, to my mother's chagrin, kept each of them standing in our garden, made of sand and marigolds, while he took down their information...aside from family members and old friends from their youth, neither side of my family ever made Assyrian friends....they preferred Muslims of any people from the old country.


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