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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, December 29 2011, 19:08:23 (UTC)
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Arrow wrote:
>>1. I BELIEVE that Pigs fly on Mars
>>2. I BELIEVE that Pigs DO NOT fly on Mars
>>3. I KNOW for a FACT that Pigs DO NOT fly on Mars.
>>....let me ask you...would YOU go anywhere to vote on this?
>Pigs on Mars are not an issue.

...neither are gods...not to me. If you choose to believe in things which can't be proven, what difference does it make if its Thor, Jesus or flying Pigs?

Their existence doesn't mean anything. would if they did...but they don't. Same with your gods...if they existed we might talk...but they don't.

So what if there are? The most we can do is slaughter them and have them for dinner! God, on the other hand, is a controversial issue. you. So are flying pigs. The point is that neither you nor the person who claims pigs fly on Mars, or any other unsubstantiated fantasy have any evidence for what you believe...and yet you challenge US to prove you wrong...why would we bother? Would you bother with someone who says the earth is flat?

...human discourse should be based on Reason, not fantasy...not if it's to be productive.

If there is a God, then it means that we and the universe were created for purpose. it doesn't. He's shown himself to be capricious, illogical, cruel beyond belief...unless you call "purpose" to be playthings of a Sadist.

It means that we are not here by accident. it doesn't. Believing in Thor means believing in Thor...if you believe in Thor you can propose any number of "purposes" as to why Thor put us here...and we're back at Pigs flying on Mars. It also means nothing to say "God"...and then derive arguments and means nothing to make nonsensical statements..just because they make sense to YOU, doesn't mean you really are Napoleon, just because you BELIEVE it to be true.

It means there are absolute truths and moralities. it doesn't. It means that YOU have made that designation, YOU have said there "must be meanings and moralities"...just like those who believed in Thor said at one're ALL nuts!

It means that religions are true and therefore we should do what they say.

...go ahead.
>>, don't go running again.
>- I will keep on running after you wherever you go.

...I'm here...always have been...but let's see you address something factual for a say all religions are pretty much alike...I say Christianity is the worst of the lot...that isn't opinion or belief or faith on my part...I can prove it with hard evidence....well? ARE they all alike?


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