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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, December 29 2012, 0:50:44 (UTC)
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...I think the more narrow and ridiculous and intolerant people are, the less they believe in their religion AS a religion, as something private. THEY know they are being ridiculous...and the only way they can maintain their "faith" is if everyone else bows to it because that convinces them that they MUST be right...but when we pass them by, enjoying our "sinful" ways, without a worry about hell and damnation and whether god likes us or not, it infuriates them and, worse, makes them wonder how come we are free of this sickness, while they are shouting and trembling in fear of they must convert us, to calm their own doubts.

A couple of weeks ago, here in the Mexican town where I live, I encountered a big tall gringo in the main jardin.....I first noticed him he accosted a friend of mine, seated on a ledge while I got a shoe shin...he rushed at her, sat down and started talking in a loud first I thought he wanted directions....whatever he said, she held up her hand to stop him, said , "ah, no"...and stood up. He next went at someone else further along. I still didn't know what it was about but found at later that he was talking Jesus and how you HAVE to let him love you etc. As we walked away the shoeshine man said the guy has been in the park a few days, all day, stalking people and shouting at them about hell and the end of the world and all the usual nonsense. This guy, a tourist, a guest, has set himself as authorized to shout at people...and he feels sanctimonious because he's shouting about Jesus....that told us that until that very day, he was in habit of grabbing people by both ears and holding on..."LISTEN", he would shout in their faces...and he was big, very least six four and built like a truck....Mexicans are small, delicate people...finally one woman shouted for the police and since then he doesn't grab ears...never saw him again...

Rashad wrote:
>Interesting point you bring up. Me and my one time roommate, an Iraqi guy, were talking about this and he was saying how he has never seen radical Christians like Americans. He lived Iraq most his life and spent some time in Europe and finds Americans the most absurd and fanatical. We always think of the Middle East as stuck with religion and the people are close minded but Americans are just as bad. They don't think for themselves and you are seen as a communist or something if you're not a Christian. Just see their reaction when I tell them I don't do Christmas when they ask how it was. I live in a conservative state which is full of right-wingers and they're so annoying, yet Atlanta is very liberal with educated people who are very accepting. Hell, we have the third highest gay population in the country, it's the rest of the state which keeps this city from eing what it could and should be. It has great potentials and could be even much better if it were not for the fanatics who prevent it.
>I don't stop you from going to church, but you stop me from living my life. What is it to you what I do, who I fuck or how late the night clubs stay open. They make me sick with that shit. They want everyone to be in church, stay home at night and do what they say. This isn't about accepting anyway because what they want is for everyone to be like them. It's not enough if you leave them alone because they want others to follow them. Every time I go to downtown, I see Christians with signs and shouting like lunatics about rapture, Jesus coming back "angry" and all the other garbage. I never seen a Hindu, Buddhist or Muslims out there shouting, warning and attacking gays. There was a politician recently who blamed the Sandy Hook massacre on Americans for kicking god out of schools. Imagine if a Muslim had made such comments about 9/11 and he would be in prison. It has been too long and they invade the lives of the rest of us.
>Europeans learned this long time ago and don't tolerate this crap except for few countries. They should never have that kind of power. All the things which they hate and denounce is what they themselves are guilty of or wanna do. They hate gays, yet you find many of them closet gays. They hate alcohol, night clubs and fucking yet they do all these things themselves and even more. Some of my closest friends always get laid and the females are always Christians and in church on sunday.
>If they can't control themselves, that's their problem but don't fuck with the rest of us. You don't like what the rest do then don't do it, but leave me the fuck alone. I don't do Christmas, Jesus is not my god and I don't believe in your garbage. You don't like what we do then stay in your damn suburbs with no side walks and full of churches, and leave us alone. I admire the gays who move here and continue to do so. The city attracts them and they add a lot to the culture of the city. The rest of the state is the problem and they annoy the rest of us.


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