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Posted by Jeffrey (Guest) - Saturday, May 10 2014, 4:06:55 (UTC)
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It's a great deflection, for sure. I was a bit surprised how much time NPR devoted to this "story".

pancho wrote:
>...the hypocrisy is rank. America is weeping over the kidnapped girls in Nigeria...because it's easier to fix someone elses problems than your own. American "heroes" rescue African girls..."see, we're NOT racist"! And what a photo op!
>These are the same people who attacked Iraq, drove millions into exile where many women and girls have had to support themselves and families through prostitution, but we MUST save African girls...what a "nice" way to enter Africa.
>How many children live on the streets in New York...Detroit....Los many of THEM are hustling their bodies?
>Where's the concern...where's the emergency...who in America is expressing outrage over this?


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