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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, April 14 2017, 15:59:28 (UTC)
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let's not forget the value of the mother of all distractions....Trump knows they are closing in on him....Nixon used the "don't change horses in mid-stream" notion to win a second term...Trump may feel if he looks tough, by killing civilians, we will want him to stay in order to keep us certainly worked for him this's the longest time the media went without mentioning Flynn...but you can sense they are just waiting to pay lip service and get it over with and get back to Russia and the, what next?

For all that bomb accomplished by killing 28 Isis fighter, we killed 18 fighting on our gain: 10 Isis members killed...but what a BOMB!!!

Same argument in Vietnam: if we paid each Vietnamese their share of all we spent on that war the entire nation would have become capitalist...if we gave Isis fighter 2 million each, they'd be happy to get on with their lives.

World War III would be quite a distraction.

I still believe we've been feeding the North Koreans all these years to keep them in reserve as a "threat" for the times when we need them to promote fear in us and a blind willingness to pay any price to keep us safe from them...when all we had to do was not ship them food and they would have collapsed long ago....I've never taken them seriously and I never will....

...we have met the enemy, and it is us.


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