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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Wednesday, January 2 2008, 5:49:04 (CET)
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Only if the killers were "Moslems" would it be a "tragedy" but in this case it was American soldiers so it was an accident. But in the case of "Moslems", there is no such thing as an "accident". I bet if they were killed by Muslims, this would be another reason to demand a "country" and every one of their web sites would have it as the headline and use it to show that Christians are suffering, that it is impossible for them to live in Iraq, and they need a country of their own. They are not suffering any more than other Iraqis and, in fact, no Iraqis have suffered more than the Arabs who have been divided by the Christian allies as "Sunnis" and "Shiites". As always, it is sad and I have sympathy for the victims not because they were Assyrian but because they were humans and were murdered. I hope and pray that the Iraqis are wiser and unite to defeat this enemy. They should unite for the sake of the Iraqi people and defeat this alliance of thugs which are all Zionists. If only Somalis had the weapons and stability that Iraq once had, what would they have done to these criminals. Without any sort of weapons or a real military, Somalis knocked hell into their hearts in 1992 and imagine what they would have done had they had what Iraq has.

So I guess the victims will not be considered for martyrdom since they weren't killed by Arabs, kurds or Muslims in particular.


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