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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, October 13 2014, 23:46:53 (UTC)
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".... I hadn't considered the mercenaries that we've been using to actually be the ISIS fighters."

In 1965, in my senior year of high school the entire student body was given a lecture in assembly hall by what appeared to be a raving Communist...he was from Central Casting, accent and all...even an evil goatee very like the one Lenin had. After ranting for some time about the virtues, and power, of Communism and the weaknesses and injustices of Capitalism and democracy, he suddenly pulled off his fake beard and assumed a normal American voice...he was an actor, hired for the ocassion and he went on to damn Communism and extoll democracy etc.

I wasn't astute enough at the time to grasp the meaning of this performance...I was too busy trying to get Susie Q...but a few students told their parents and those parents complained to the administration about such underhanded propaganda and outright lying to students etc.

There is a great benefit to the government to have people hating the enemy-of-the-day. People were so rattled and shaken by just these sort of tactics that they gave their government carte blanche to lord it over us, "protect" us and fleece us all at the same time, to extreme financial benefit of a few and a loss of civil rights and decency too.

Yesterday's tactics won't work today....people are stupid but not THAT stupid. Another Gulf of Tonkin incident would not have worked...another "attack" on a Cole, would not have worked....the government needed more than that and so they maneuvered events to facilitate 9/ what if a few thousand people were many Americans die a year? What's a few more of they can serve a "noble purpose" "awakening us" to the next GREAT danger we face i.e. Islam.

Americans are more scared shitless now than ever one is asking where the money is to come from for these latest battles and weapons...indeed, we are GLAD to pay the extortionists because they promise us security, even as THEY make us less and less secure.

No one was breaking the windows of those shopkeepers who refused to pay protection money to the Mafia in old New one, that is, except the very people who came around offering the protection the day before.

Nothing has changed, not really.


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