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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, June 3 2011, 8:08:43 (UTC)
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Some idiot on youtube made a video comparing communism and capitalism. He said that you would be sent to Siberia naked if you had spoken bad against the Soviet dictatorship, but we can draw silly pictures of Bush in America and not get hurt. What the fuck is there to hurt when Bush knows that person drawing pictures or even complaining is nothing and never will be? They have fooled their donkeys with this whole democracy terminology so they believe they are free and can vote different leaders every few years. I have said before that I don't see a difference between one leader for 30 years or 10 different leaders with same agendas and political ideas. I personally don't give a fuck if a country has the same leader for 30 years or more as long as he decent and do what needs to be done.

I have no problem with Castro being president for 50 years because the results speak for themselves and the truth about Cuba is available to everyone willing to know. I didn't have a problem with Saddam except that he was a puppet and played along with America and he helped them too much. The other thing I disliked about him is his behavior toward communist party members but for the rest he was good. People weren't thrown on the streets, nobody starved, people had nice homes, clothes, went to parties all night and had it made. It wasn't how dumb Americans actually believe Iraq was with a bunch of people afraid to step outside because of Saddam or depressed looking women wearing all black in the heat. It was far from that and Iraqis had a great life before the war and sanctions. These people get away with more crimes and evil through democracy.

America has been fascist for a long time. We have pastors standing side by side with presidents and telling their cult members to vote for this guy or that guy. They should immediately lose their tax-free status for doing that and that's fascism right there.


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