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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, August 26 2014, 4:00:49 (UTC)
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...that's so good to know. Even experts can get it wrong, but at least they are recognized as experts...this "people's" encyclopedia is a joke. Assyrian nationalists have taken over that page and have made it so that you can't change the page, not without a large group writing in...and who, really, is interested in or even accepts the existence of modern assyrians? So, where are you going to get a large number to challenge them? And so, whatever they write becomes the truth...they don;t even stick by their own rules: I pointed out several places where they made statements of opinion without any facts to back them up...none, not a one. It did no good.

Rashad wrote:
>A coworker of mine is currently attending university and has to do a big project for one of his classes. Guess what's most interesting about it? The professor does not accept Wikipedia as a source at all. Yup, no Wikipedia. The professor wants actual sources with reference and must be real and with credibility. If we were dealing with fox news, or Assyrians, anything would go but this is university and requires actual research and facts and professional book authors and writings that are actually certified and written, proof checked and published, not printed or something written on Wikipedia by anyone with an account and approved by a group of non professionals. Wikipedia, like the bible or any other silly source, is not acceptable in real world.


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