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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, April 14 2016, 20:18:24 (UTC)
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I have a relative who spends all day writing in upper case screaming on Facebook about Kanna and his party, the Qurds and Arabs, ISIS... then he ends his rants declaring how much he wished to have been there now, fighting against Kanna and his party, Arabs, Qurds. I asked him what's keeping him from going and liberating the homeland. He explained he'd get arrested there by Kanna's people or captured by ISIS or the Qurds. I'm not kidding! He says they know him and once he steps on "our soil" he'll be captured, kidnapped or arrested and therefore of no used to the struggle. What a nice way of talking shit and not backing it up and feeling good about oneself... full of noble causes.


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