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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, June 14 2014, 1:53:37 (UTC)
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First of all, I wish Hitchens was alive so that he could suck back every single pompous word that slurred out of his whisky-stained tongue when he debated Galloway regarding Iraq. Secondly, how is it that the CIA and it's drones didn't see this coming? And why didn't they share or warn the Iraqi government about the ISIS eastward movement? Thirdly, it seems almost absolutely probable that no one else but the Turks, Saudis, Nato, GCC, Jordan, and Blackwater trained, funded, supplied, and provided intelligence to these mercenaries. If you recall the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) was shot down by the Shia-led Iraqi parliament which ended up with most of the US forces unwillingly leaving Iraq -- just as the SOFA in Afghanistan is currently being discussed, with Karzai refusing to relent to US pressures of having US/UK/Nato forces remain in occupied Afghanistan. I know it sounds like a conspiracy theory, but logically speaking, the US/UK/Nato seems to be wanting and warning Karzai that the same may happen to him just as it is now transpiring to the Iraqi leader, Maliki. Fourthly, does this not in some ways remind you of the removal of the neutral Prince Sihanouk of Cambodia and how the secret war on Cambodia waged by Kissinger/Nixon got whitewashed by the later crimes of the Khmer Rouge in which the massacre of a few million Kampucheans was claimed to be the sole responsibility of Pol Pot and his comrades alone, not the bombings and the ground attacks by the U.S. which destabilized Cambodia turning it into a failed state, making it fertile ground for a force like the Khmer to quickly conquer the state, just as ISIS is doing so now? And when the Vietnamese defeated and pushed back the Khmer to the Thai border, who was it that gave diplomatic and other means of aid to the same Khmer in the U.N. but the U.S. and China? Also, Maliki and the Shia are also at fault. Instead of uniting all Iraqis, Maliki became the agent of Shia Iran. Instead of building a new Iraq in which power sharing may have led to a better future for the country, he and his ilk (and his Iranian puppet masters) demonized and persecuted the Sunni. He did what Egypt's Morsi did by attempting to consolidate power within his own circle of conspirators, and now look what's taking shape in Egypt -- much worse than the era of Mubarak, as I keep reading in daily articles. But... what do I know.


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