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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, June 14 2014, 22:15:43 (UTC)
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" matter the methods employed the aim of US policy is to tear apart the MidEast and keep it that way.....the oily countries are as desperate as ever for money and so will sell all they can and US oily companies can claim that "disruption in oil supply" means higher they have already done, raising the price to $107 a barrel."

-- Exactly. And with the rise in petrol prices we will be paying more for food and other staples which are flown, shipped or driven by planes, ships and trucks fueled by oil at $107 a barrel or more. No wonder local police have been gearing up and being militarized to confront an imminent massive societal breakdown when people have none, or very little, money to buy milk or bread to feed their hungry kids. As for the Saudis, how much longer will they be able to keep their indigenous terrorists at bay before they come back home and unleash the same vicious murderous rage at the Kingdom of hypocrisy? Or the Arab-Euro youths returning to the UK or the EU from Syria? Or America? This makes me incredibly nervous, since there are also American soldiers who are now back in the States, with training in death and destruction, and a plan to start a race war:

(As I said before, the is no happy ending to this tale.)


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