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Re: no one in Iraq ever asked to be liberated....
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, March 11 2011, 22:20:42 (UTC)
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That's the truth about capitalism and just make money while hurting the other person. Capitalism isn't as good as they like us to believe and it only hurts the person who works the hardest yet is the poorest. I had this convo with a Muslim, and I tell you that religious people are the biggest capitalists in the world. He didn't agree with communism and asked how a supervisor and the factory worker make the same amount. I say why not? Is the factory worker not busting his ass with doing heavy labor while the boss stands around chillin? At my job they are getting greedier and greedier every day. Someone gets fired or quits and there is no replacement. They used to pay 12 or 13 bucks per hour starting and now they are paying the same as burger king. Have one person work even harder since there are less employees yet even the one working harder now is making less.

The few rich ones get even richer at the expense of the hardest working and that person still gets poorer. Capitalism is so absurd that they even make money off Che's fact on shirts and this was someone who fought these money worshiping fools. I don't see anything special about it and I think communism is much better than that. As for Iraqis, you're right about them and they never asked for anything. Bush managed to get a few fucks who were anti-Saddam to come on TV and beg for liberation but the rest of the population never did. Iraqis had great lives even under Saddam but it was the US which destroyed Iraq with sanctions. I have an Iraqi friend who was telling me his family was among the poorer and that changed when Saddam came to power. He said it was like gold and things just became better for his single mother and siblings. His version of poor is not like in America where they were literally starving but just didn't have a bunch of money.

Everybody lived good lives in Iraq before Saddam and during his time. All of the problems for Iraqis came from outside and not from within. I met a guy who used to be in the Air Force and he used to fly over the Iraqi no fly-zone with orders to bomb certain targets. He admitted that he couldn't do it because the country looked so beautiful and he just couldn't damage it. He said he was ordered to bomb a bridge but it looked so amazing to him that he couldn't do it. He said he would miss on purpose and then fly back to Turkey's Air Force base. This kind of stuff doesn't come out on CNN but we always hear about Iraqis shooting and American and British jets. What business did those jets have flying over Iraq in first place? Iraq had every right to shoot at them and I wish they would have brought down everyone of them. I can no longer feel sorry for the US soldier who gets killed in Iraq because I have seen what these people have done to that country. To feel sorry for the enemy who proudly went there would be absurd on my behalf.


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