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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, September 10 2014, 4:19:19 (UTC)
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...I still find it amazing that we say, "we had bad intelligence"...or, "it was a mistake" was NOT a was deliberate all the way and still is...Americans are tired of war? How do you get them into a war have to scare them and outrage, two Americans get their heads sliced off and we're ready to go BACK! And, we're still being lied to about Islam...that these people have anything to do with Islam, like Bush had to do with Christianity.

Before this Christians declared war on Judaism....for over 1000 years...the SAME tricks are being carried out against Islam now...same lies and for the same reasons: Scare and rally Christians against another religion, a competing version of their OWN fucking religion and for this and a lot of money we're going to ruin this earth.


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