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Re: not quite?... Because you "know"?
Posted by Muncho (Guest) - Saturday, November 24 2007, 3:11:06 (CET)
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pancho THE "anthrpologist, sociologist, and historian"

You're the last person I expect to understand anything I say... Let alone agree with it...

You're not capable of relating anything that happens at anytime to "Human Nature", and the position of those with a corrupted nature like yours who occupy a position of power and use any excuse, including religious ones, to commit their evil acts. Just like you're using religious reasons to justify your hate for those that dont think like you...

You can knock your head on brick walls until you faint... It wont make you any different from those you're critisizing because of their belief and not because of the fact that they are ignorant and resentful just like you are...

If a biased and corrupted idiot like you, with your beliefs of how bad "Christianity" is, was in power with enough idiots around him, what do you think would happen to Christians?

Too dumb to undersand as usual?

Read what I said again (not that you will understand it... it's for other readers, just incase)
All religions are the Same. The difference is in how people interpret it...

You have ignorant Muslims just like you have ignorant christians... You have good and bad people in every religion...

When christians or muslims are bad, DON'T blame their religion... Blame thier ignorance...

I know you have stated that all religions are based on the same concept of "God's Messengers", but, for you to imply that the Muslim religion is "truer" than others, is simply ignorance on your part...

The Quran has as much falsified, misinterpreted, and misunderstood stuff in it, as any other religious book...

Do not try to defend one religion at the expence of another... Believe what you want and leave others alone to believe what they want...


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