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Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Tuesday, January 16 2007, 20:22:01 (CET)
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And common sense tells us that if you isolate yourself from everyone else in the country, because you think YOUR religion is the ONLY true religion in the world, and it is the ONLY way to salvation, and everyone else is just a "filthy barbarian" on their way to hellfire, chances are you will persecuted, if nothing else to bring you down off your high horse!

If Assyrians established Alliances with the Kurds and the Arabs of Iraq, and put religious differences aside, I have NO DOUBT in my mind there would be no religious persecutions, even the kind in your heads!

I remember as a little girl, most Muslim Kurds and Arabs used to look up to the Assyrians for the great contributions we had made to civilization in general, and to Iraq in particular. They never ONCE looked down on us for our religion, the way we did them.

It is all common sense, which we have lost due to our own arrogance!


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