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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Tuesday, January 31 2017, 13:12:41 (UTC)
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"Now they need money, they need ratings, they need advertiser revenue, which all means they need to appeal to the largest mass audience they can without alienating too many customers.

"The problem is that in order not to offend or humiliate or just simply call out those who appear, they handle them all with such tender care that the audience is left wondering who is the fool. Is it that news anchors simply don't have the intellect or knowledge to challenge obvious lies and absurd declarations...or the guest "experts" are so smart and wise and knowledgeable that there simply IS no answer to the nonsense they spout."

-- I remember in the late 70's and 80's the news channels: CBS, ABC, NBC (the Big Three) had integrity and something worth value to say. But by the mid-80's, and the 90's, it all went to shit, especially after Walter Cronkite quit. "Network" pointed out this shift through the character played by Robert Duvall, the corporate head who was pushing for profits no matter what... what a waste of time and mind. The other night while reluctantly watching CNN I was sickened to my stomach! The guy that was on was so full of shit! Within the first few words, I had three strong arguments that would've crushed him. But... of course, the anchor just let him go on and on, until the end in which she replied, "we have no more time for a response". Yeah, of course. Popcorn and beer is all that's needed. Sickening! Venal! As much as I hate the right wing, at least in the '60s and onward, the conservative William F Buckley had a juicy program with amazing guests:


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