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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, February 1 2017, 15:14:48 (UTC)
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...I could only take it to the point where Spencer began "history" by touting the Industrial Revolution, centered in England.....which proves that white supremacy is really just ignorance enthroned.

...the Industrial Revolution merely built on what Darkies had achieved centuries before.

Freedom, Liberty and certainly Democracy is not worthwhile without good solid education, I mean the real stuff and not homework and tests and grades.

These people are proud of their ignorance...they think education and knowledge unnecessary to their goals, and they are right...just as the Church frowns on truly educated children.

Fascism is the evil twin to Democracy...they go hand in hand....democracy creates the systems by which fascism can dominate,if and when it fails. Fascism sneaks in on the coat tails of uses democratic institutions to gain power and then suspends those pathways, always.


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