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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, January 31 2017, 0:39:21 (UTC)
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I understand that news has become big business...years ago it was the one division of a network which was free from the pressure to make fact news division regularly lost money. It was a public service, sort of.

Now they need money, they need ratings, they need advertiser revenue, which all means they need to appeal to the largest mass audience they can without alienating too many customers.

The problem is that in order not to offend or humiliate or just simply call out those who appear, they handle them all with such tender care that the audience is left wondering who is the fool. Is it that news anchors simply don't have the intellect or knowledge to challenge obvious lies and absurd declarations...or the guest "experts" are so smart and wise and knowledgeable that there simply IS no answer to the nonsense they spout.


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