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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, February 4 2017, 12:29:16 (UTC)
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"..helping a wounded fellow is something we already do, begrudgingly and with great moans, but we do it. If the issue was a fixed amount of food, however, I think even animals would fight it out, each grabbing all he could, which is what we have, though not over food, but money/power."

-- That's not always true, and it depends on the person. During the fire at Oakland's Ghost Ship Collective on Dec. 3. that incinerated 36 beautiful, young people, is a prime example. One guy left his friend behind to fry because "he was too heavy to carry" and he ended up saving his own ass. Whereas, a young athletic man who could have escaped the flames, instead not only remained with the rest of the victims, but covered and blanketed his girlfriend with his body, as they both slowly burned to charred ashes. And then there was my Puerto Rican friend, the master tenant, whom I'm sure you all saw on the news, who tweeted NOT about the victims, but about all of his material losses.

"..there won't be any utopias, ever...but that isn't the issue. We're talking about a better way, not a perfect way. And a better way would be to stop running governments and therefor people's lives, by borrowing the money from private bankers...all they do is print the money (through the Fed etc.) and loan it to us to pay back, at interest. We wind up having to work our assess off anyway to pay back the why not borrow and pay back the people, which means "Us", and not the private banks? It's a start...and without it, there can be no sustainable socialism."

-- Yes, I agree.


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