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Re: now the only crimes are those by ISIS
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, September 8 2014, 5:08:34 (UTC)
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...just caught the tail-end of Oliver Stone's "JFK"....a very well made film and with a solid basis in fact...Costner's closing courtroom speech lays out what actually happened, as Jim Garrison reported it. The government went after Garrison too but they lost their phony tax-evasion charge...and he was too well known to have a sudden heart he said in his closing..."this nation's single greatest export is war and weapons". As hard as congresspeople fight to keep military plants and bases open in their districts, they fight even harder to manufacture instances when we "must protect ourselves", to justify all those expenses which go directly into the pockets of businesspeople and are completely and totally unjustified.

....people is stupid.


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