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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Saturday, July 5 2014, 15:21:19 (UTC)
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I have never met an American who was remorseful for what was done to native Americans or black people, not one, and even the liberals are full of shit too. I remember Gadaffi caught hell from some people when he apologized to black people about the Arab role in slavery. He said be was ashamed as an Arab and apologized. Some stupid blacks, the Christians mostly, were only using that to attack arabs and Muslims but continue to bow to their white masters. At least he apologized and he did a lot for black people everywhere, but which American president has ever apologized? I have never met one. Christians seem to struggle when it comes to upholding the teachings of Jesus and are always lecturing others. When 9/11 happened, they wanted every Muslim to apologize, they wanted sympathy and then went on to bomb whoever but a Palestinian or any Muslim is not supposed to fight back even when wronged. Why is the Christian even fighting when he's not supposed to yet Muslims are expected to play by their rules. I know it's not easy to always apologize but at least gadaffi did and many Iraqis also apologized when churches were bombed and stood with their Christian brethren but where are tge Christians at? They can't even admit what they have done and I know it's embarrassing to have this much corruption on your shoulders but the arrogance is what gets me.

I have never met a Christian who was anything close to what Jesus is supposed to be as explained by them. Why can't they be more like their master? Because it's bullshit? Yeah Itthought so too.


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