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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, July 4 2014, 21:25:52 (UTC)
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Rashad wrote:
>I had this conversation with a "liberal Assyrian" and he said the same thing, that they're both at fault and commit violence but that's bullshit. How can someone with an actual military, money and weapons be compared to someone with no support and mostly home made ?

...there's a lot of this "logic" going around...everyone who pokes your eye out says you are just as much at fault when you hit back...and then they add "two wrongs don;t make a right". Who said anything about "right" about just evening up the score? How about justice?

An eye for an eye is not a good doctrine but if a man doesn't want to have his eye poked out, in retaliation, let him not be the first to poke an eye out.

If America doesn't want violence done to it, let it not do violence to innocent and weaker's simple, really....if we really wanted peace.


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