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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Wednesday, February 8 2017, 0:49:46 (UTC)
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I agree that it is applied as a threat, but we did use it twice on the Japanese, the order executed by Democrat President Truman, when even Eisenhower and LeMay argued against its use, as Gore Vidal writes:

"To a man, our leading World War II commanders, including Eisenhower, C. W. Nimitz, and even Curtis LeMay (played so well by George C. Scott in Dr. Strangelove), were opposed to Truman’s use of the bombs against a defeated enemy trying to surrender." -

During Obama's eight-years one kept hearing and reading about Tactical Nuclear Weapons being on the table, almost branding them as "conventional". And... we've apparently knowingly have managed to irreparably damage our own soldiers, poisoned by depleted uranium in addition to Iraqi civilians and the people of former Yugoslavia when we spiked the Danube with D.U. during the 78-day NATO bombings.

What some analysts are concerned with is more war -- with or without nukes -- especially with a president who gets his news from Alex Jones and has a "Rasputin" type figure in Steve Bannon who he promoted to the National Security Council. I just finished reading about this guy and he is scarier than Cheney. He says war with China and Iran is not only possible, but highly probable. He also promotes another civil war here at home, to "drain the swamp" of leftists, liberals, immigrants. But his major war is against Islam: The Clash of Civilizations. Give this a read when you have a chance:


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