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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Tuesday, February 7 2017, 4:51:10 (UTC)
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Trump is attempting to soften up the "killer" image of Putin to prepare the public for removal of sanctions and clear the way for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's former company Exxon Mobil (Standard Oil) to make a deal with Russia's state owned oil company Rosneft for a possible profit of $500 billion.

And a few days ago Iranian demonstrators were screaming "this is a nest of spies!" outside the Russian Embassy in Tehran -- a recycled slogan reminiscent of 1979, when the U.S. Embassy was attacked.

It's likely that Trump will make the Russians "a deal they can't refuse": freedom from sanctions, from NATO aggression, do what you like in the Baltics, in the Ukraine, and maybe Georgia too... while we smash the mullahs and "steal their oil" and maybe... Iraq's too.

And the Iranians can't keep a poker face. They do what will do them all in... even though they'll be hiding in their bunkers while innocent people get turned to glass. They threatened to turn Tel Aviv into dust in seven minutes.
Meanwhile Netanyahu is in England to let the Brits know the time has come to put the mullahs in history books. While Iran brags about its silly 20th century missiles, Israel has state of the art 21st century arsenal. Germany's Dolphin 2-class submarines can attack Iranian cities much less than seven minutes (seven seconds?) with nuclear-tipped missiles.

The mullahs cannot keep bluffing and playing the Persian screaming match. Trump ain't fucking around, and once Putin drops the Iranians for a deal with Trump, the mullahs have nothing to stand on except to use the people of Iran as human sacrifice.

But then there's China. Second biggest world economy, and recipient of Iran's oil. And of course there's also Duterte in the Philippines who boldly says he don't like them Yanks... knowing that his tiny nation is a big piece in the South China Sea puzzle. What a movie this would make...


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