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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, December 10 2016, 3:57:07 (UTC)
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I'm going to go a bit off-topic since you brought up the "troglodytes". Last Friday, in Oakland, an artists' co-opt burned to the ground, where 36 victims lost their precious lives. Had I decided to remain in Oakland, it's possible that I may have been victim 37, since the warehouse was run by someone I met in Los Angeles in 1992, with whom I spent many nights inside a photographic darkroom printing my black & white photos. This man, who is neither an angel nor a beast, provided for aspiring broke-ass artists like me a place to produce my art and exhibit it, without having to spend too much money... actually no money at all. He is now being, in my opinion, unfairly scapegoated for the deaths and the destruction of his warehouse which he named, "The Ghost Ship". I won't get into the reasons how or why gentrification in San Francisco led to the City's artists to move across the bay to Oakland, so that they could be able to live their artistic lives and thrive. The tragedy of the Ghost Ship is that it was a place where "freaks" and "hippies" and members of the LGBTQIA found refuge. What I found truly revolting was the reaction from reactionaries who were salivating upon hearing about a group of LGBTQIA and outsider types whose last moments in life were to burn to a slow, unbearable death. Instead of commenting about how awful it was that so many young folks died in such a tragic way, these backward-ass hateful "Christians" who had no relations to the victims and didn't live in Oakland but were typing from their mother's meth-based basements from Kentucky and Iowa and whereever else these fuckers live, made the entire issue about "Sander's kids" who "deserved what they got" since they were "a bunch of devil-worshiping queers", and so on. How "Christian" of them... how compassionate. I've been in a state of insomnia and depression all week. Artists, like those in Oakland, cannot afford to pay $3,000 rents. So they take whatever chances available and pay $500 rent living in old precarious warehouses. The man I'm speaking of, the guy you may have seen on the news, was no slumlord. He too lived there with his wife and three beautiful children. The only reason he was not present at the warehouse is because he didn't like the type of electronic music which was being DJ-ed, so he took his family and spent the night at the Marriott, "to get a good night's sleep", and I believe him. But the online vultures had no compassion for him: he lost all of his art work, all of the various things he had accumulated from his trips over the years from Nepal, India, Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, Mexico, etc. He and his family are now homeless, in addition to bearing the responsibly of the deaths of the 36 victims. He is now getting death threats from some right wingers who want to bring "justice" to the families of the "Fags" whom hey hate so much. I'll end it here with a post I found from some Jesus worshipers who argue that what took place was no accident, but a human sacrifice having to do with "lost souls". Read the piece and the discusting comments. The pictures you'll see are of the various collage art, or assemblage which he put together. They have nothing to do with "devil worshiping". Most artists know how difficult it is to live an artists' life -- especially in this time and place. Anyway... here is the site:


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