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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, December 10 2016, 4:16:15 (UTC)
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This is part II of "Dancing with the Devil", in which there are references to Manson and cults. Like I said, this guy is neither an angel nor a beast. He has a number of former friends who are now enemies and are exaggerating the personalty of this man. Maybe they're right, maybe they're wrong... maybe I'm just naive. I'm just saddened that 36 beautiful, wonderful people died as they did... and the Trumpistas are trying to make this into a Helter Skelter issue. The last time I saw this family, was in 2012, in November, on my birthday. We had a wonderful night playing music, with the kids singing along with us. Perhaps I don't know what some person from Georgia or Alabama knows about this guy whom they never met. Should he be accountable for the entire thing? We should allow the courts to decide. Afterall, he only lived there the past three years, and in the Oakland paper it was stated that the warehouse was not inspected for the last three decades. The owner, a Mrs. Ng, hasn't said a word regarding why the property she owned wasn't inspected, or up to code, for thirty years.


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