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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, March 22 2016, 3:41:57 (UTC)
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Website title:'s surreal to hear the US describe itself as champions of democracy, or defenders of human have to have one huge blind spot to believe all this....and, of course, less and less people are comfortable believing this as it's more obvious than ever that this is just advertising, a commercial for a magical product called the United States...but which comes with all sorts of warnings until you wonder if the cure isn't worse than the disease....which is why right wing nuts sound SO nuts! Because the increasingly difficult effort to delude themselves kills brain cells and they had precious few to begin with.

I can understand people in the 40s and 50s believing this tripe about the US being noble and holy...but after the Vietnam War and all the murders we paid for in Latin America and then Palestine and Iraq and the rest of it plus the growing suspicion that these wars are nothing more than business, it gets harder and harder for the simple-minded to believe their simplistic patriotic they sound more and more deranged and strangers to reality.

The more they've turned to religion and faith and the more they distrust science and evidence or even serious books because they have to force themselves to BELIEVE in what any rational mind could see are a pack of lies.

Trump is no "surprise"...or "mystery"....he grew out of the swamp the neo-cons have been making of our Republic...he is the natural progression of all they have been lying about, especially his open racism and bullying at which the rest of them are shocked, SHOCKED....but only because, as people say, "he tells it like I think it", leaving the more "moderate" ones wishing he wouldn't divulge their secrets.....Hitler was the same...he was no great surprise, no mystery and certainly no monster or one-of-a-kind crazy...he fulfilled the preachings of the Catholic Church as did so many other Catholic Tyrants the Church supported and taught and nurtured.


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