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Re: "religious freedom" Law.......yeah, sure.
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, April 4 2015, 3:23:44 (UTC)
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"Bill Maher makes a big point out out of saying that when Christians are offended, they don't shoot people, or throw bombs...but Muslims do."

-- Maher doesn't know who the fuck he his: a "Catholic" because his father was an Irish-Catholic (and his mother, a Hungarian Jew -- which says a lot about his blind love for Israeli violence, in addition to his Jewish bosses who offer him contracts and sign his checks)... Well, Mr. Maher (an Arabic name, by the way), when the Brits had signs outside of their hangouts in Awhaz, Iran: "No dogs or Persians allowed"; or in South Africa: "No dogs or Niggers allowed"; none of these Muslims and black Africans used Semtex explosives to butcher the places where they were deemed as un-human. But in England and Protestant Northern Ireland, when the signs read: "No dogs and no Catholic Irish allowed", it was his Catholic Irish brethren who's response was dealt with -- not a debate -- but a Semtex reaction. This is quite well documented, and part of the historical record. So... Fuck you, Bill Maher!


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