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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, January 2 2008, 19:23:35 (CET)
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" By the way, I just purchased the book "misquoting Jesus" by Bart Ehrman and it is definetely a must read."

This recent religious "revival" is a political movement and always was. Christians criticize Islam for uniting religion with politics...for blurring the line between church and state. But it's what they've always done as well...even more so in the last 15 years. And they aren't shy about it either...they keep saying "put Jesus back in power in America".

I saw the documentary "Jesus Camp" a few nights ago. While there was no mention of guns or bombs strapped to bodies among the children, their parents or minister, there was an atmosphere of violence and extremism which in its full implication is much worse then any Muslim madrassah where these things are supposedly taught.

The children at this camp were so sweet looking and pretty...and of course they are...but what the Pentacostal minister and their parents were doing to them was as criminal as anything done in Muslim training camps....only worse because Chrtistians started this war and continue it against a civilian population.

The one thing which distinguishes the Christian fanatics from the Muslim ones is that the Christians are the ones ATTACKING Muslims with the most sophicticated weapons of mass destruction the world has ever seen...while Muslims are desperate to defend themselves with improvised weapons when there is nothing else handy.

As you watch the blond-eyed blue-haired children of Jesus and might be fooled into thinking it's all wholesome and full of love, although the words "war" and "soldiers for Jesus" are freely tossed about...and as you're seduced into believing this is very different than the strident messages of "hate" in Muslim madrassahs you have to remind yourself that the parents of these sweet Jesus children...some 300,000 of them are right now toting weapons around the streets of Iraqi cities killing civilians whose crime is defending their country and families from what the world knows was a war based on lies and petroleum.

Over thre trillion dollars have been coughed up by the parents of the sweet-Jesus children...hundreds of thousands of soldiers-of-Jesus have given themselves carte-blanche to kill Muslim families and a few Christians ones as well...the sweet-Jesus children at that camp don't NEED to talk violence...because their parents are DOING it!!! And when the sweet-Jesus children grow up they too will become parents, killing Muslims, whose children will also be sent to sweet-Jesus camps where they'll look and act oh-so-innocent....until they're ready to join the storm troopers of Jesus in the next Holocaust...against Muslims this time.

And one thing we know about Christians; whenever they succeeded in ridding themselves of Jews and Muslims, they did NOT settle into peaceful lives but turned their guns on each other...


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