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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Wednesday, January 2 2008, 21:11:37 (CET)
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My brother, I been in the United States for almost 15 years. I been in and out of the "born again" churches. All my sieblings were raised in those churches. Although they all hate one another from cult to cult and denomination to denomination, they have one thing in common and that they are the biggest supporters of terrorism. Most of the politicians, congressmen and senators in America are born again Christians who have power to change things, to bring peace and prevent or at least limit lewdness but look what they do instead. If you go to any of their churches regardless of which denomination of their cults, they all shout "God bless our troops" "God bless our president" and "God bless America" but what about everyone else like Iraqis, Afghanis and other countries which suffer because of their troops and president? So they are praising troops who have gone over to murder to people. Now of course, there are good hearted army soldiers who joined the army because they needed a job; but for the sons and daughters of rich people who are "patriotic" and fighting for their "freedom" they are killing Iraqis and these fanatics support them and their born again president. They are guilty of sick crimes if one were to think about it. They vote for wars, they support the government of Israel which is a terrorist government just like the one in Pakistan, Egypt America, etc.

We can all play "peace" and "loving" but their actions and intentions are the opposite. We have those things in Islam and not only do we have them but we have the tools to establish those attributes. How can there be peace and love if there is no justice? That is what we have in Islam that their religion don't offer and they don't want that anyways. They attack, they conspire, they impose corrupt leaders whom they fund financially, therefore, they are guilty no matter how innocent they pretend to be or pretend to be "secular" it isn't going to work. Another thing I have noticed the last 3 years is that they seriously suck as pretemding to be secular or in other words they suck at everything they do from debating, pretending, and fighting. The only thing they are good at is killing human beings with hi tech weapons but they will destroy themselves as they get carried away more and more.


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