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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, January 2 2008, 3:10:00 (CET)
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>On another forum I was reading this post by another clown who went to speak so "tough" for ever and suddnly on the bottom of his post he wrote "the whole world owes us", lol thats all I can say.

Our nationalists present an odd spectacle. They insist they have rights and must be respected because of their "ancestors". What they actually have to show for themselves, what THEY have achieved , isn't worth a tinker's damn.

And yet even by calling on their glorious ancestors they only succeed in underlining the glaring contrast between what Assyrians achieved under their own god and religion and what they've managed under a jew carpenter.

It's very like a distant relative, even worse if he IS a blood relative, of the Rockefellers or Vanderbilts or Rothschilds...while he himself sits in the gutter regaling passersrby with what his family achieved...all people think when they view this sorry spectacle is, "well, what happened to YOU"? Meaning how did you come from such heights to the gutter? We think people are impresed by our pedigree...they may be where the ancients are concerned, but good lord what a sorry spectacle we make on our own!

Our way, the Christian way, has been to blame it all on Islam. But the historical record doesn't support us...our church does...and now a gaggle of self-appointed "writers" and "historians" have picked up the cry...but any objective review of the actual historical and not hysterical record gives us the lie every time.

And if there are any doubts then just look at what we've done in America over the last 125 years...we have built storefront churches in a country that has Christians under every rock...but we've done nothing as Assyrians...nothing to brighten or clean up the damage done to the ancient heritage by Westerners too pleased with their own barbarism who delight in seeing the ancients as "svagaes".

Where is there anything Assyrian that couldn't as easily be passed off as Christian? Where?

Oddly enough..and to my embarrassment, I'm the only damfool who made a public statement AS an Assyrian...with something Assyrian and NOT Christian. I only wish I'd known enough then to leave the word "Christian" off that monument..or at least have included the word "Arabic" well as Arabic script. For while our priests were running barefoot to China to spread the gospel, with little success, the Arabs inspired the Assyrians to rise up again, throw off their sackcloth and ashes...leave their monasteries, take wives, raise families and, along with prayer and ritual, revive the Assyrian CULTURE in the arts, sciences, medicine, administration, military, architecture, clothing,handicrafts, jewelry, fabrics, rugs, wall hangings and on and on and on.

The coming of the Arabs got us off our KNEES...stopped us from killing each other and turning on each other for Bishops and priests, to unite us into an army and culture which swept across North Africa to Spain and to the New World in the west and past India to the east. The great Islamic Empire was one more in a long line of magnificent achievements inspired by the heritage of BetNahrain from which the entire world has benefitted. We and they can't do it all, for all time and by ourselves. Decay is also a part of life...decay and rebirth. But this unprecedented and magnificent achievement the desert Arabs could not have done on their own.

The coming of Christianity turned our people against one did NOT unite them, it still hasn't as the recent Mar Bawi incident clearly shows. Something about the Christian religion inspires people to turn on each other, even within families. It was Islam which achieved unity...just as Sargon the Great achieved it and Hammurabi after him. Christ aimed at the heavens...Sargon and Hammurabi and Ashurbanipal aimed at the earth...and so did Muhammad. Heaven is an important part of religion...but there's no eating crow and feeding on dust or joy-in-humility for Muslims as there never was for least there wasn't so long as the memory of Assyria, Babylonia and Persia was alive and thriving.

The Mongol invasion dealt a blow to Islam from which it has yet to recover...much like the Classical world was plunged into a Dark Age by its collapse and the growth of the Church. Fortunately the Classical heritage, saved and transmitted by Islam in large part, was revived and an Age of Reason eventually came and allowed us to break the back of the bloody Church...but it's rising again...the Holocaust it brought against Jews was a good reminder of just what this Church has done whenever it combined with military power.

They're arming themselves and have begun their next Holocaust...against Muslims this time. If yo9u needed to you could have ignored the signs of the coming of the Nazi Christians in 1890...1920....1933....1936...1939...even during the war and right after it people refused to admit the obvious...that a mass-murder was taking place unlike anything the world had ever experienced..and soon after you even people, till this day, denying it ever happened.

If you need to, you can look the other way now too. Christians encourage you to do so...that's the reason they're manufacturing "enemies" as fast as their torture chambers will allow; because they need us to BELIEVE the same sorts of lies they told us about Jews for centuries...until we were primed and ready for THAT Holocaust.

It's coming again...just as sure as there was one 70 years ago.


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