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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, January 2 2008, 23:24:05 (CET)
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It was Christians who persecuted Jews for centuries then thought to solve their "Jewish Problem" by punishing Palestinians and stealing a part of their country setting off legitimate anger in the Muslim world;;;it was a Christian problem, let Christians SOLVE it..on their OWN.

This illegal act; the one-sided "partition" of Palestine, started this whole thing...that and decades of Israeli terror, paid for and instigated by the same Christians who started this thing...which has kept that region in turmoil.

We're supposed to ignore all that and believe instead that Muslims are "just like that"...meaning they are violent for no reason...except that the Quran TELLS them to be that way.

This is as slanderous and deceitful as what Christians said about Jews for centuries to justify THEIR violence.


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