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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, March 25 2011, 5:02:42 (UTC)
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I have never heard any of those conspiracy theorists actually say Bush did 9/11. This is a way for the media and Bill Maher to make people appear dumb. I may not have a University degree nor my own TV show but I would smoke a Bill O'Reilly, Hannity, Maher and the likes. That is why they bring people on there who are authorized to speak on TV and usually they bring people that are easy to handle or they already agree with one another. Nobody says Bush did 9/11 and he isn't even smart enough to conspire such thing , but the argument is that he knew about it and this was something they wanted. I am of those kind who will go on and say there was nobody on those planes. I didn't learn this from Jesse Ventura nor from Lose change but this has been my opinion since when it first happened and I was still a teenager then.

It's hard for me to be convinced otherwise just as I don't believe all those suicide bombings are true. There may be some who do that especially when they got their family killed and are fed up but the vast majority I believe are just bombs that are planted and then blamed on Muslims. As if it's such a huge accomplishment to blow up a crowded street with innocent and helpless civilians that the bomber has to kill himself. One could even throw a grenade and still have a chance of getting away. I just don't buy it and I am not convinced when the source is from CNN or any of those. They wouldn't have throw people in jail for questioning 9/11 and building 7 if there was nothing behind it. So yes, Bush didn't do it but he couldn't be ignorant about it. It's very hard for 20 men to storm an airport, hijack 4 planes, have all the time in the world to hit their targets and nobody knew nothing. Is America, the strong, so weak now that few men were able to defeat it?

Self staged attacks aren't new and there have been such cases in the past. The only fools are Maher and others who try to convince everyone that govt wants to keep us safe from terrorists.


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