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Re: san jose assyrians get Anna Eshoo to apologize....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, May 11 2017, 14:18:40 (UTC)
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Rashad wrote:
>There was this foolish cousin of mine who was crossing into the US from the Detroit border and got smart with the customs agents by telling them he was from assyria and they kept thinking he was from Syria and he kept denying Syria and eventually he straighten up when they told him the next smart remark will cause him to turn his car around and take his happy was back to Canada. And boy did he quickly change his tough guy attitude and didn't complain about being persecuted by US government.

...perfect example. Our Assyrians say, "why do only we have to prove who we are?" Meaning just their word that they are Assyrians should be enough, why do they have to prove it and Germans and English and Italians don't? At that border EVERYONE has to prove who they can't just SAY you are French, or have to have documents, official documents, not papers from Aprim...for anything official and significant everyone has to have proof....their claims alone won't do.

...on no official document anywhere does it say "the person here is Assyrian"....just as nowhere does it say a person from Scandinavia is a Viking...or from France, a American of Native descent has "Apache" on his passport...those are meaningless terms where your national identity is can CALL yourself anything you want....but you have to documents proving it to get anything meaningful done...and we have none.


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