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Re: san jose assyrians get Anna Eshoo to apologize....
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Wednesday, May 10 2017, 19:00:54 (UTC)
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That pretty much sums it all.... unfortunately.

Reminds me of the old joke about the plane that loses an engine and is about to crash, but the pilot wants to save the plane, so he asks for volunteers to jump out: First, a Frenchman gets up, yells "Vive la France!" and jumps out the plane. Then an American (not wanting to feel like a coward since the Frenchman was so brave), springs out of his seat screaming, "USA! USA!", and then he goes for it too.

Next are three Iraqis: an Arab, a Qurd and an Assyrian. The Arab and the Qurd get up and the Arab says, "we are all brothers, all Iraqi. At the count of three we will all jump out for the honor of our great and magnificent Iraq!", at which time the Assyrian replies, "show me a country on a modern map called Assyria, and I will jump for both of you."

That's basically the case of most Assyrians... the Arabs and Qurds have been fighting and dying. And, yes... there are numerous Assyrians who are also brave and engaged in fighting Da'esh along with Qurds and Arabs, especially in the SDF and YPG. But our American boys only go after senior citizen women... and even then they hide behind their $2,000 laptops. If they faced Congresswoman Eshoo with the bullshit they're writing on her page, she'd pimp-slap a few of them, while the rest scatter and run.


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