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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Sunday, August 10 2014, 12:55:26 (UTC)
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In my humble opinion, ISIS or IS, is the Murder Inc. of the West. Of course, there are Sunni military Saddam fighters who are training the young IS fighters, but; I have a hunch that Blackwater-type mercenaries led by Erik Prince who has been residing in the Emirates, with Arab money, and American weaponry, has been training the poor, youth Sunnis in the Shock and Awe terrorizing methods used in Iraq in 2003, but prior to that, the genesis of S&A was practiced on the poor Vietnamese, Laotians and Cambodians via the sadistic Nixon/Kissinger plan to terrorize and shock the population. As as matter of fact, the Shock and Awe (S&A) was practiced by the Euro settlers against the American Indians. Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, and let's not forget, the Assyrians... all practiced the psychological S&A. For eight years the Shia Al-Maliki was taking revenge on the Sunni, thinking the U.S. got his back. But too, late. Fuck him. He'll have a safe haven in Iran, whereas the poor Shia, Yazidi, Christians, moderate Sunni have to face a well-trained, well-oiled death squad with American weaponry. I ask myself this: Who the fuck taught these IS how to use these new weapons? The answer: Americans. If you recall the Status of Arms which Bush incorporated, was rejected by al-Maliki when Obama was trying to cajole the Iraqi government to maintain a greater number of U.S. forces in Iraq. Al-Maliki said "NO!" So, now, the best reason (humanitarian, of course) is to re-colonize Iraq to protect the Yezidi? Bullshit! It's to protect the Americans so that another Benghazi won't occur again. Anyway, it's late, or early (5:35 a.m) and I'v not slept for three days... I'm possibly wrong, as usual. Ciao!


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