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Posted by Muncho (Guest) - Wednesday, December 26 2007, 5:28:24 (CET)
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"...someday he might write somethign worth responding to..."

*** It will be the day you're worth it...

"till then, let's hope he keeps on trying to say whatever it is he thinks he's saying..."

*** What matters is that you think what I think I'm saying is what you think I think I'm saying so you can keep on thinking about what I'm thinking about what I'm saying. Why else would I think that I can make you think about anything worth thinking about?

""brillantly", no doubt."

***I'm glad you think it is... I'm "humbled".

(in an airplain, on my way to Saudia Arabia to save that, "forgiven" by your king, raped girl.)

Do you think I think I'm doing the right thing to save her from those Xtians?


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