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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Friday, March 25 2011, 20:12:49 (UTC)
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I'm surrounded by "Aryan Persians" to whom I refer as 'Eryan' and salute a stiff era to their confused, national/racial pride. My apartment is on a street that is mostly Latinos who work? (slave) for these racist pricks. These are the ones who render the late Shah's son as "The King of Iran". They hate Arabs, Qurds, Turks, Afghans, Baluchis, etc. while in Iran. In the US they picked up (from the oldest to the latest) hate list: Blacks, Latinos... basically anybody who seems "dark" to them or "primitive".

I worked for one of these Shah-lovers at a pizza joint. My instructions were to make sure that these "dirty monkeys" stay busy.

I made sure they stayed busy and rewarded them with bottles of Negra Modelo,mota and some Afro-Cuban-Jazz.

The work got done. Happy customers. Happy workers.

I was "let go" the following day, fine.

... and by the way, guess what name the companeros gave me as I walked out of that pizza joint? "Pancho"


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