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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, March 25 2011, 22:03:52 (UTC)
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I had a friend who had his own window cleaning business in Orange county. He said the hardest clients to please were the rich Persians he did service for. They would complain to him and want their money back. He said he was actually losing money because giving them some money back because of the bogus complaints. He had a Mexican working for him who was trying to make some money to send back home to his family. My friend was losing money and still paying his employee while the wealthy clients just complained because they didn't wanna pay. We have a fancy Iranian restaurant here and I went there a couple of times. The service for me was horrible. I was mostly ignored while the crackers were getting respect and everything. It was me and a Black friend of mine and I invited him to the joint. We sat there for an hour and got nothing. The owner was walking around from table to table pouring wine for the White folks.

After a while we got pissed and my friend tried to get the owner's attention, and before we even got a word out, he said "I know, I know but we are busy, can't you see?". Some Mexican employee from the back came out with a bunch of trays and the owner whispered something to him. He came to us take our order and we said "forget it" and we left. We were on our lunch break and wasted an entire hour with that shit. Never again will I go there. Straight up racist. There is another Turkish guy who owns a restaurant and he gets pissed when Blacks or Muslims come to his place. Very rude and says "what you want" instead of being polite. A friend of mine went in there one afternoon and said the owner's first words were "my food isn't halal". It was his way of telling him to fuck off. Then some Black dude walked in there to grab a napkin and the owner went nuts and chewed him out lol. Those people are pathetic and give their asses for White people. They remind me of Assyrians except that almost all of our assholes are this way toward non-Whites and toward Muslims especially.

They can stick their kababs in their asses because I make them just as good or even better.


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