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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Thursday, May 22 2008, 7:56:06 (CEST)
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Yes you are right about the "pre destination" thing because it clearly contradicts with "free choice" or "free will". There is either "free will" or "pre destination" which would obviously be unfair to be punished when one had no choice. This is a huge problem and it goes along with the other common Christian problems where the answer soon follows as "you know, you just gotta have faith". Some Christians or actually most believe that just because they believed in something without prrof that makes it good and they will be rewarded for it, but such a thing is condemned in Islam and clearly has no basis. If we were to just believe in something without certainty, why not believe every absurd idea or myth? This is definetly a problem and I never received an answer to my satisfaction from christianity.

The other interesting thing you brought up is the Nesorian dilemma which I wanted to mention before. That is that the Syriac speaking people who joined this doctrine of Jesus having 2 natures was done to appease both Byzantium and the Arians. The Arians believed similarily to Muslims that Jesus although a prophet and servant of God was nevertheless still a human being and just another creature from God where as the rest of christians believe that he is God. Our people who are always trying to appeasy others except themselves thought they be smarter than both and try to come up with an idea which could "hopefully" reconcile the 2 sides. Their idea was that Jesus could not be God when he was born and when he died but only while he was alive, and this was blasphemy to Rome and of course to Arius as well because this doesn't bring truth or solve anything because the whole dispute was over who Jesus really was. If he was God, he can not be human, and if he were a human as we know he was and had a human nature, he could, therefore not be God who is unseen and above them all.

As you propably know the whole story, the rest of Christendom whent on to surpress the followers of Arius and chased them away. New groups have emerged today which are similar to the followers of Arius and they are known as "Unitarian" or "Unitarian Christians" and these do not believe in the Trinity and or that Jesus was divine, but such Christians are not viewed as "True Christians" by the rest of the world of Christendom which are known as "Trinitarians". This was a huge dilemma and as always our people managed to screw themselves for others. The early believe of our people had a lot to do with the large amount of Nestorians who embraced Islam within the first 2 centuries of the Islamic era and a big reason was that they realized that Islam was not destroying the believe in Jesus as a pious person, prophet and servant of God but it was nevertheless clarifying that he was a prophet, a human, and a sent to the Jews in general and that no one has the right to be worshipped except the One Creator. I read books about that and I saw that this one obvious reason was noticed by writers. There were other reasons of course as well but thie above was one of them.


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